‘Australia, the land of opportunities for migrants?’

Multiculturalism is a term which describes the cultural and ethnic diversity of contemporary Australia.

Many immigrants migrate to Australia for ‘The Australian Dream’, for ‘acceptance and equal opportunities’ but is it as easy as it seems? And do they find what they are looking for? As a Korean Australian, I can only work at an organisation that will look past my racial differences and ethnic background. Even though my first language is English and I have lived in Australia my whole life some still view me as an ‘outsider’ and I sometimes feel like I am not given a fair chance with a job interview.
All countries are guilty for being short-minded when it comes to multiculturalism and although Australian workplaces promote their support for EEO, I believe that multiculturalism is a long-term goal and here are some reasons why:

  • Employers fail to embrace cultural differences
  • There is an invisible hierarchy of countries divided by ‘class’
  • Many individuals are exhausted by organisations who promote multiculturalism but do not follow their words by actions
  • Some communities do not accept different religion or LGBT and educate the younger generation to think the same
  • The Australian Government is not doing enough to support workplace diversity
  • The final vestiges of ‘White Australian Policy’ has not been removed from society

There are many more articles with statistics and facts that report the failure of appropriate multiculturalism in workplaces but this post is just something very personal. I hope you enjoyed reading!



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