What to do when you’re feeling stuck

Goal setting is an integral part of career development but there are precautions to take. Restricting yourself to one very specific goal may lead to lost opportunities. On the other hand, over-exploring opportunities or a passivity can lead to under-productiveness. A balance is ideal. In saying this, career development is a process rather than a destination. There will be times when you’re feeling “stuck” and pressured to “know what you want”. You may have no goal at all. However, patience is indeed virtue – it is part of the process.
Here are 6 things you can do to make the most of your time.
  1. Apply for a part time job. You can earn a little pocket money while you figure things out. They say money doesn’t buy happiness, but in reality it does for some people. For others, saving money is a goal itself so it will make them happy regardless. You can also meet new people, new experiences, sharpen your abilities and acquire new skills. When you’re young, the best investment is on intellect. For example, spending money on learning languages, short courses, personal development, can powerfully help you in your career even if they are not directly related to any goals.
  2. Volunteer for your local community. Giving time away to others who need you and appreciate it will definitely bring you a sense of content. To employers, it shows your generosity and care for others concerns. Many organisations do engage in charity so it only shows just how your values can align with theirs. It can be the simplest thing that sets you apart.
  3. Brainstorm goal ideas on a vision board. Even if you write them down somewhere, you are constantly reminded of the bigger picture. Confronting the things that you work towards will spark joy in you. As a corollary motivation has a potential to reignite.
  4. Consult your careers advisor and/or network with others. If you are studying, you are likely to have a free careers consultation service that deals a lot with students who do not know where they’re going in life, what they can do with their career, or need advice on how to be an employable person. Utilise this service because it is a privilege. For those not studying, networking with others means talking to your peers, family, professionals and acquaintances. Conservations on topics like these can lead to anywhere – new ideas on what you can do, sharing personal experiences to identify the things you want out of your career etc. You are guaranteed to receive meaningful advice.
  5. Travel alone. Travelling opens up your mind since your world is no longer be constricted to the city that you’re living in. It opens you up to an invaluable, in situ experience that isn’t the same as reading up in books and searching in Google. Travelling alone means you only have yourself to rely on. You will discover more about yourself and clarify your intentions in this world.


Hope you enjoyed this!



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