How to improve your work ethic

The type of work ethic a person has highly influences and dictates their productivity and the quality and standards of work produced, hence affecting potential employment and career factors. A good work ethic is one that is tailored to work best for the individual that is sustainable and stable over long term and maximizes performance. Here are a few tips and lessons I have learned that have helped me to gain a good work ethic.


·       Plan out all important dates on a calendar

I take time to sit down and write down a list of all my tasks and the dates, as well as all my social events. I then take time to mark these on a calendar and not only does this help me to remember each date, time and task needed to be done/event, it helps to see the big picture and allow me to base decisions off this. For example, if I see that I have 3 assignments due in one week as well as a two social events, I know to take it easy on social events the weeks beforehand so I have enough time to get the things I need to done. I can also create fake deadlines so I have things done extra early and can focus on other tasks.


·       Perfectionism = poor work ethic

Perfectionism leads to a poor work ethic, at least in my case. Always feeling the need to get everything “perfect” and “exactly right” the very first go often leads me to procrastinate. I have gradually learnt to just get started despite my first attempts not being “right” or “perfect” because I know getting things done earlier allows for more time to edit, change and improve which is better than having nothing at all done.


·       Don’t take caffeine at night on a regular basis

Taking caffeine at night regularly is an unsustainable and bad habit, as it can become quite addictive and also mess up your sleeping patterns and cycle. The caffeine rush will make you feel more energetic for a certain amount of time and you may get work done then, but you will ultimately crash and feel a lot worse the next morning on little to no sleep.  Switching to tea is a preferable option over coffee or energy drinks at night.


·       Use your time wisely

Any free time where little is needed to be done can be used wisely and to your advantage. For example, I like to use my transportation time on the train to university to catch up on my work. Remember part of using your time wisely is to take time off to recharge as well, so you can be at the top of your game to do all your work.


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